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They are often made fun of by non-gingers, but everyone knows that it's because they're just jealous of our gingerosity.

Aoife Kelly The sold out Metropolis Festival kicks off tomorrow at the RDS.

North Dakota residents don’t turn their heads when a copper-topped person walks past.

Their eyes are on the horizon, searching for the elusive redhead, a redheaded duck that’s popular with area hunters.

Still, when he looks out at city lights at night he probably longs for the redhead-friendly people of his home state, as well as their general enthusiasm for all things ginger.

Nearly half of redheaded women and 60% of men had been discriminated against for their red hair according to the study.And some speculate that the problem is worst in Britain. When I tell people about my childhood, I sometimes feel as if I’m describing the opening chapters of a Harry Potter novel.Like Harry, people avoided being friends with me because they didn’t want to attract the attention of our school’s gang of bullies.We need to recognise discriminatory language against hair colour as hate speak. If we force schools to take ginger discrimination seriously, this embarrassing part of British culture will wither and die. In fifty years, it won’t seem normal to see Kick a Ginger Day or hear redheads being bullied because it’s not normal.

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