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There's the person who complained their match took “too many selfies even for me,” and the match who was flagged for being an “asshole in real life.” But, truly, let us spare a moment for the person who was dismissed with a simple, “Has a little rat dog, no thanks.” Harsh but fair. The League, the elite dating app which matches you based on your Linked In info and emphasizes treating people well, allows you to flag, block, or expire any of your matches.

The big ah ha moment you swore you’d never forget – gone." 0_0 Some of the notes people leave are harmless and totally understandable reasons why it's not a match.Like, "reminds me too much of my ex," or this situation which so many of us have found ourselves in: Then, there are those who behaved badly and got caught out.Well, The League has a juicy internal Slack channel that’s chock full of this exact type of user feedback.They've shared a selection with , and it's frighteningly relatable.

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